Invincible Youth

On a wintry dusk,

Sitting together with friends;

Around a sparkling bonfire, strumming six-strings…

Making sweet acoustics with…

Old songs …

One more chance

I wish if it were a dream

I wish if I can have you again

Your arms were my abode…

The Caged Bird

Oh, my God! This is life
Is this really a life?
Have I had a chance
To experience to its …

Undying Dream

Every night as others man do I slumber

Every morning the dawn awaken me usually

Though this twentieth twelve sunrise …

Some Ten Years Back

Some ten years back we met;

We were quite young, much too young to know;

And we tried to fall …

My Little Rose

From my friend’s garden, I pluck
A small, little rose
Of red coloured petals.
In its season, it blooms many…

Happy Bday!!!!

As another B’day of yours comes,
I am taken to another world of imagination,
I imagine this and that to …

Trishul For Me

Tongues flicker to drop thousand bombs
Entangled with the triggers of hands
“Messenger of peace, thou art so kind”
spreading …

Manipur’s Farmers

Before, on earth’s surface
Trod the first sun’s ray;
Trod no more
On the dream lane-
Where gob wits, with …