O! Mother

O! Mother, give thy blessing
Give the strength to bear with
To get the fruit, the success
In every steps …

In the open

Sitting in my small
closed room I cursed
and cursed people
making myself miserable
hour after hour.

Suddenly, the window …

A Case of Dishonour

The Supervisor Monkey one day
called the Laborer Donkey
in his room and demanded
percentage from his wage.

The donkey …

A Romantic Bastard

When I was 12, I show her, firstin white shirt, black skirt, red tie, black shoe and white shocks, and …

The Fleeting Moment

You came in my dream
Last night
On your pilgrimage
You were speechless
I was breathless,
My miserable heart
Your …

”In this Path of Life”

The rush and crowd in worship ,
These chime , chantings , offerings ;
To invoke and gather blessings .…

Tell It

Your silence;
Why have you left me in wilderness?
I want to call your name out loud,
But I don’t …

Remains of the Day

As the sun rises ,
Wake up am I for a good day
The cuckoo in the distant wood sings …

Poem about Nothing

Staring at the cursor blinking on my screen
Wondering what the hell ‘m I doin’
Mouse clasped with my right …