View of life with forgiveness

Is this life that looking down each other?
Is this love that hates one another?
Always searching mistakes for friends,…

Let the Old Tree sprout

When the winter has gone
The spring will come
Making the trees
And plants bloom
While Joy and excitement
Will …

Love Across Miles

Could it be possible to love till it hurts? 
As I learned first-hand how bittersweet,
those feelings could be and …

I am working on a dream

Wake up early in the morning,
Holding a full cup of tea
And start thinking about dream.
I just working …

An Ode to My Love

By the roads, I stood and watched passers by
Thinking you might pass by;
I gazed at their faces hoping …

I dont know why

As time passes I grow weaker.
From the minute I met you,
To the moment I left you,
Time was …

Mere Mirages

Good deeds! Good ideas! Good adventure!
All these bring forth the gain to people and peoples,
But all these are …

Choose the right way

Beware, I am with you!
Behold, I am with you!
The way of life.

Has to be very joy
As, …

“The fire burnt away”


The fire burnt away;

Lifted like the ashes float.

Close eyes falter to arrest

Melting snow frozen for long.…

The setting sun

Some of them with guns in hand
Some of them for a piece of land
Some in the name of …