”In this Path of Life”

The rush and crowd in worship ,
These chime , chantings , offerings ;
To invoke and gather blessings .…

Tell It

Your silence;
Why have you left me in wilderness?
I want to call your name out loud,
But I don’t …

Remains of the Day

As the sun rises ,
Wake up am I for a good day
The cuckoo in the distant wood sings …

Poem about Nothing

Staring at the cursor blinking on my screen
Wondering what the hell ‘m I doin’
Mouse clasped with my right …

The Old Gardener

The Old Gardener
Will be happy
When little angels
Play joyfully
In his garden.
One day
You also may
Want …

Only the branch

You peep outfrom nowherebut it hurtsme not.
You grow upbecome a part of me.
But still you neverhurt me
I …

Love is

When you win but yet you loose
When you are happy even when sad
When you are poor yet rich…

P for Peace

When power played
its tricks
I made a young enemy,
a hidden politician
within me
and the war began-
War …

Without You

When morning breaks, the first picture that comes into my mind is YOU;
To start a day without you seems …