CBSE re-exam dates Class 12 Eco on Apr 25; Class 10 Maths in July

The Government on Friday said that the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct a re-examination for the Class 12 Economics paper on April 25 after a controversy over an alleged question paper leak forced it to cancel the already-held exam earlier this week.
Education Secretary Anil Swarup said the Class 10 Maths exam, which too the CBSE cancelled after the paper leak allegations emerged, would be re-conducted in July if needed, but only in Delhi and Haryana.
Swarup said that preliminary investigations had revealed the leak of the Class 10 paper was restricted to Delhi and Haryana and did not affect students in other States.
“We will know for sure in a fortnight,” Swarup said.
In the case of the Class 12 exams, Swarup said the re-examination date is important because the students have to go to universities.
Around 2.2 million students were affected by the cancellation of the exams.
In their investigations so far police have detained 6 students and a coaching centre owner in Jharkhand. They have also questioned a coaching centre owner in Delhi.
Swarup said investigations are progressing on two levels–police and departmental– but authorities aren’t yet sure what went wrong.
Ruling out the possibility of a leak overseas, Swarup clarified that there would be no retest for schools outside India.
He also said the exams could not have been stopped in the first place as the information about the leak came too late for such a course of action.
Earlier in the day, Delhi Police Crime Branch wrote to Google asking for help to track the sender of an email that had alerted the CBSE to a Class 10 Maths paper leak. CBSE Board Chairperson Anita Karwal had told the police she received an e-mail a day before the exam on March 28 warning her about the leak. The police has asked Google to help with electronic footprints of the account from which the email was sent. Police and CBSE said an e-mail was sent to the CBSE Chairperson from a Gmail ID with images of handwritten question papers. However, they did not say what action was taken after the email was received. The Crime Branch has also identified over 10 WhatsApp groups, each having 50-60 members who are believed to be involved in the paper leak, one of the biggest scandals to have hit the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The members of the WhatsApp group included private tutors, students and parents. Hindustan Times

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