Churachandpur police seized Rs 31 lakh worth drugs, destroyed poppy plantations worth over Rs 9 Cr in 2018

Our Correspondent
CCpur, Jan 4: The Churachandpur district police have in 2018 registered 155 new cases, chargesheeted 39 and seized Rs 31 lakh worth of contraband drugs while it also destroyed poppy plantations valued at over Rs 9 crore, said police.
The district police also apprehended 31 UGs along with 32 guns, according an assessment issued by the police.
During the same period, the district police also recovered 2 hand grenades, 15 pieces of plastic explosives, 8 detonators and several meters of safety fuse.
A total of 160 cases were also disposed and furnished final report in 121 cases.
The district police also fined 2345 vehicles for violation of MV Act and collected nearly Rs 3 lakh. A total of 14 lost/stolen vehicles were also recovered, said police.

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