Close up with Robert Naorem

Close up with Robert Naorem

IMPHAL, Sep 28 : After the grand success of his “Royal Runaway”, renowned fashion designer Robert Naorem sat down exclusively with The Sangai Express and talked about his passion to continue to promote State handloom and handicraft products. “Manipur is a State with diverse culture and tradition. To able to promote the rich handloom and handicraft products of our State is a great honour for me,” Robert Naorem said. “I have around 20 weavers who work in close association with me. I sit down and share my ideas with them. The end result is always satisfying because the close bond I share with the weavers can be seen through the finished product,” he said. When asked about the inspiration behind his alluring designs, Robert Naorem said, “Apart from creating my own designs, I try to blend the traditional craft designs of other communities of the State in a single piece.” He also spoke about how people of other States and countries find the handloom and handicraft products of Manipur attractive and beautiful.

“My passion is to continue promoting handloom and handicraft products of the State. When I step out of the State and showcase my collection, people will not say they are Robert Naorem’s designs but instead will say they are the traditional craft designs of Manipur. Wherever I go, I promote our products in a best way possible and I am happy about it. I dedicate all the credits to the hard working weavers of Manipur,” Robert said. Robert Naorem has also opened his own store in Uripok Khoisnam Leikai where Rani Phi, blouses, shawls and other apparel designed by him are sold. “The reason why I have opened this store is to promote our products among our people as well. I can easily open a store outside the State but I chose to open it here so that our own people can appreciate and preserve our rich handloom and handicraft products.

People will think the clothes I sell must be expensive. But that is not true. I sell my products for all the people of Manipur. I did not opened the store just for one section of people. Apparel collection are available here at the starting price of Rs 300. Blouses, shirts, stoles and other men’s apparel are all available at an affordable price,” he informed. Robert also spoke about his work and how he is able to help, though it may be little, in providing a source of employment to some people. “What I believe in is not to drain our talents and our resources. I get positive feedbacks from some elders who appreciated my contribution in promoting our products and giving people opportunities to earn their
livelihood,” he said. Talking about his recent fashion roadshow Royal Runaway, Robert said, “The Royal Runaway was a huge success. In fact, the number of people who turned up to witness the show was beyond my expectation. The primary objective of organising the show was to promote our handloom and handicraft products. Miss India 2016 Priyadarshini Chatterjee, who was the show stopper, was overwhelmed by the love and hospitality of the people of Manipur,” Robert Naorem said.

Commenting on the reported traffic problem his show had caused to the commuters, Robert said, “I had organised the fashion roadshow so that it is accessible to all the people instead of limiting it to some section of people by organising the show in a hotel or an amphitheatre. Yes, the crowd was huge and the show was delayed due to late arrival of some guests. I take full responsibility for the traffic issue. However, I had organised the show with a good intention which was to allow our people to witness people from other States promoting our products.” Stating that economy will grow and there will be development in the State when we all show our concern for society through actions, Robert appealed to all to join hands in promoting and preserving the rich handloom and handicraft products of Manipur.

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