CM Ibobi’s timing, a poll strategy

People of Manipur must learn to read underneath the lines.
A calculated strategy is everything to keep an issue burning and boiling, not for the benefit of the general public but for the gain of a few politicians.
The demand  for Sadar Hills district is not new.  From the media reports, it is understood that the Naga organizations, in principle, did not oppose the creation of Jiribam and Sadar hills districts for administrative convenience. The bone of contention would be the areas of coverage.
That the issue is sensitive is known to all. This write up is to point out the Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi Singh’s chosen timing to rake up the issue at the fag-end of his tenure.  Earlier, the issue was raised in October-November, 2011. After the election results in February 2012, the issue was consigned in a cupboard.
Five years later, three months before the elections, the issue is brought out again from the cupboard, heat it up like a chachik (leftover food) and bring it to boil to muddy the political waters, and to use the State machineries to his best advantage.
The spate of resignations from the Congress party is an open book for all to see: Vice- President of Manipur Congress, Biren Singh, Francis Ngajokpa and Congress leaders from the Sadar Hills area. The bills introduced by the current  government is not in the good book of the hill tribals either.
Prominent leaders are abandoning the party like a sinking ship. Okram Ibobi is desperate. What is the main purpose of raking up the Sadar Hills district issue three months before the election ?  Is it for administrative convenience or is this a desperate effort to retain his chair by any means?
The remote control for the present state imbroglio is in Mr Ibobi’s hand and he should not throw the onus  on the civil society organizations who reacted to his policies. And the timing he’s chosen is unacceptable.
Yours sincerely,
Wungkui Zimik

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  1. Solowmon   December 13, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    @Mr. Zimik, You please speak for your own. I, for one, am really happy that some districts are finally created. For, example Pherzawl district. As Pherzawl is greatly underdeveloped due to the concentration of resources at CCPur or Imphal, it is necessary that a different HQ comes into the picture to serve the interest of the Pherzawl people


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