Cong derides clause rider of BJP

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Feb 20: Questioning the practicality of inserting a clause in the CAB 2016 which has been already passed in the Lok Sabha so as to keep Manipur out of the Bill’s ambit, CLP leader and ex-Chief Minister O Ibobi has asked BJP to stop all attempts to befool the masses.
He was speaking at a felicitation function held at Congress Bhavan here today in honour of 18 individuals who joined Congress party anew.
The new entrants included three former candidates, two ADC Members, nine social workers and four IMC Corporators.
Welcoming all the new Congress members, Ibobi rejoiced that they would be able to work together towards strengthening Congress party and the integrity of the country.
Pledging that Congress party would take full responsibility of being a responsible Opposition party regarding the CAB 2016, Ibobi asked BJP to stop telling falsehoods and lies to the public on the issue.
As the Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers have been making all kinds of statements regarding CAB 2016 which are incoherent and inconsistent, a large number of people have been left utterly confused, he said.
He went on to ask how any clause which would exempt Manipur from the purview of CAB 2016 can be inserted in the same Bill after it has been already passed in the Lok Sabha.
Saying that the country will break apart if BJP continues in power any longer, Ibobi warned that it would not be right to hand over political power to communal BJP again.
Ibobi further claimed that BJP will not be able to retain power at the Centre.
MPCC president and CWC Member Gaikhangam asserted that BJP led Governments of both the Centre and the State never take into consideration the interests of small and minority communities.
CAB 2016 brought out by BJP is unconstitutional as well as unacceptable to international laws. The country will break apart if the Bill becomes an Act. That is why, Congress party has been vehemently opposing it, Gaikhangam said.
O Joy remarked that democracy as well as socialism have been severely undermined during the five years of NDA rule.
The Government has been literally imposing a dictatorial rule as testified by the detention of people who criticised CAB 2016 or spoke against the Government.
It is a matter of shame that BJP could not move CAB 2016 in the Rajya Sabha after the President had declared that the Bill would be definitely passed in the Upper House, Joy said.
It was also rather shameful that Chief Minister N Biren was accorded a hero’s welcome on the false claim that the Bill was not tabled in the Rajya because he blocked it.
If CAB 2016 must be discarded for good and India should be protected, BJP must be uprooted from the whole country, he added.

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