Congress delivers a point 2 days session too short

The Congress has a point and it should be noted. So many issues to be discussed and Monsoon Assembly session for only two days. Does not make much sense. Or is the BJP led Government not keen on discussing some of the pressing issues of the State ? Or maybe is the two day session a ploy to duck the time frame set by the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System to present a Bill to regulate the inflow of non-local people into the State ? More specifically is the BJP led Government under the impression that the draft Bill can be passed without thorough discussion on the floor of the Assembly ? How about the crisis at Manipur University, which has already crossed 40 days ? Not that the Assembly can do much as MU is a Central varsity, but doesn’t the matter merit some bare discussion on the floor of the Assembly. How about Border Pillar number 81 near Kwatha Khunou which is in the news right now for all the wrong reasons ? Isn’t the matter worth discussing on the floor of the Assembly ? Or is the two day period enough to discuss the pressing issues thoroughly ? How about the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, which the BJP led Government at the Centre is looking ahead to pass in the upcoming Monsoon session of Parliament ? Shouldn’t the State Assembly take a stand on the Bill ? How about the ongoing peace talk between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India ? And remember of the two days session, not much may be discussed on the first day of the session as such days are usually spent in paying obituary tributes to former members of the House who have passed away.
Not likely that the BJP led Government will heed the demand of the Congress, but an important point has been delivered and this should be taken note of by the people. All the mentioned issues are important but if the past is any indication then it is important that the ILP Bill which is set to be produced on the floor of the Assembly will obviously need to be discussed thoroughly. No one would want a repeat of 2015. To the Congress too, it should be noted that none of the issues mentioned above should be taken to deliver a political point or two against the BJP led Government. These issues should be above party lines for it involves the interests of the State and the people. It also stands that the Treasury and the Opposition need to work together to face the issues which have been outlined here. The MU crisis needs to be resolved at the earliest for what is at stake here is the future of thousands of students. One need to look at the issue beyond the campus of Manipur University and understand the plight of the educational institutions under the varsity. The ILP Bill too need to be discussed thoroughly and any half baked approach can plunge the State into mayhem and chaos. To avoid this, then it becomes important for all members of the Assembly to sit down together and share ideas and opinions and then take the next step together. But two days Assembly session will not provide the opportunity to discuss the said issues thoroughly. The point raised by the Congress should be noted.

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