CorCom calls total shut down on Oct 15

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Oct 10: The CorCom has called a total shut down all over Manipur (Kangleipak) with effect from zero hour of October 15 till 6 pm of the same day.
It was on October 15, 1949 that India proclaimed the merger of Manipur into the Indian Union but all these years, the people of Manipur have been resisting the alleged annexation on the ground that the merger agreement was a deceitful one and king Bodhachandra was forced to sign it under duress, alleged a press release issued by CorCom media coordinator LeibaakNgaakpa Luwang.
Revolutionary groups fighting for the lost sovereignty of Manipur have been observing October 15 as National Black Day.
It appealed to all the people to suspend all trade and business activities, official works, games and sports and entertainment progress and even movement on roads on October 15.
However, emergency services including medical service, water supply, religious functions and media would be exempted from the purview of the total shut down, it conveyed.
As recorded in the Cheitharol Kumbaba, the written history of Manipur (Kangleipak) dates back to 33 AD starting from the reign of Nongda Lairen Pakhangba.
The kingdom of Manipur enacted a Constitution called Loiyumba Sinyel during the reign of Meidingu Loiyumba (1074-1122 AD).
Except for a few brief periods, Manipur existed as an independent kingdom throughout history.
However, after the Anglo-Manipuri War of 1891, Manipur existed as a British protectorate from April 27, 1891 to August 14, 1947.
Manipur once again became an independent country with the lapse of British paramountcy on August 14, 1947. With the enactment of the Manipur State Constitution Act 1947, king Bodhachandra introduced democracy in Manipur. Subsequently, Manipur State Assembly election was held between June 11 and July 27, 1948. Following election of 53 representatives, king Bodhachandra opened the first State Assembly session of independent Manipur on October 18, 1948.
However, after the alleged annexation of Manipur into the Indian Union, Manipuri people have been compelled to wage a strong and sustained war of liberation, the CorCom asserted.
Now the time has come for all the people to join the liberation movement and there is no other way to secure the collective future of the people, it claimed.
There is no political or socio-economic freedom in any colonised Nation even though some well off people of Manipur think that they are enjoying all the rights entitled to people of independent countries.
Since the day AFSPA 1958 was imposed in Manipur, all the people of Manipur have been deprived of all their fundamental rights including the right to life, it continued.
Prolonged imposition of AFSPA 1958 is a clear indication that Manipur is an occupied territory. Since the infamous Act was imposed in Manipur, hundreds of Manipuri people have been killed by State actors, it alleged.
It was the forceful merger agreement which gave birth to the armed liberation movement. The movement is neither targeted against Indian people nor a law and order issue nor is an internal disturbance. It is a clear case of Manipur-India conflict driven by the people’s zeal to restore the lost sovereignty of Manipur, CorCom asserted. The conflict can be resolved only when Manipur becomes independent, and for this CorCom will carry on the war of liberation until the political goal is achieved, it conveyed. The day India proclaimed merger of Manipur into the Indian Union is an unforgettable National black day for the people of Manipur, it said and called upon all the people to observe the black day extensively. It also sought support from all the masses towards the liberation movement.

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