CPI (M) lets punches fly against BJP led Govt

IMPHAL, Dec 6: CPI (M), Manipur State Committee’s secretary Kshetrimayum Santa has categorically stated today that the alleged threat to AMWJU’s president and burning of a local vernacular paper by BJP leaders and volunteers have shown that nothing can be said against the incumbent BJP Government.
He was speaking as the presidium member at the observance of 25th anniversary of Demolition of Babri Masjid organized by CPI (M) at Kakhulong Community Hall.
Stating that many journalists and rationalists in the country have been killed and attacked since BJP and its allies came to power at the Centre and in different States, Santa charged that the Government is against secularism and the intolerance level is increasing.
He alleged that BJP Government is communal and urged the people and like-minded political parties to collectively fight the ill-treatment meted out by BJP party and its Governments instead of tolerating it further.
Asserting that Babri Masjid that has been in existence for many years in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh was intentionally demolished on December 6, 1992 (Sunday), Santa said that the day remained as the “dark Sunday” in the Nation’s timeline.
The demolition was carried out while the Congress and BJP was ruling at the Centre and Uttar Pradesh respectively, he recalled and termed the act as the most cruel one in the modern Indian Republic while observing that such acts will remain as long as the Congress and BJP continue to rule the country.
This shows that India’s secular foundation is being challenged and is being threatened consistently by people who believe in autocracy and fanaticism, Santa said.
The Hindutva fighters that had been used in demolishing the Babri Masjid are now encouraged by the BJP Government at the Centre to take the law into their hands, Santa alleged and went on to say that the Gau Rakshaks are attacking the Muslims and Dalits in the name of banning cow slaughter.
Lauding the CPI (M) Government at Tripura for being people centric, transparent, corruption free and bringing development in the State at a fast pace, Santa criticized the BJP led Government in the State for showing sluggish performance since it formed the Government.
He said the construction of New Secretariat building in Manipur is sluggish when the same work that has been taken up at the same time has been completed and utilized in Tripura.
The 7th Pay Commission recommendation has been implemented in Tripura by its Government while in Manipur, four employees among the many who demanded the implementation of the pay structure were suspended, Santa said.
The observation function was also attended by many other CPI (M) leaders.

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