Cry Of A Dying River – 16

Rajendra Kshetri
I am no longer the river I was once
The river that was a flowing movement
A continuous stream gliding through the valley
In the picturesque land of pristine beauty
The river that was undamaged unspoilt unthreatened
The river that knew no ‘climate change’
The river that was a stranger to ‘global warming’
The river that was unprepared for ‘environmental degradation’
The river perfect that was a precious child of Nature
Nourished by the ‘balance of nature’.

I am no longer the river I was once
The river that is a silent witness to a ‘living history’
A history of depletion of natural resources
A history of man’s wanton destruction of eco-system
The river that is wary of man’s quest for control over nature
Conflict between man’s greed and nature’s endurance
Battle between man’s techno-know-how and nature’s resilient fury
The river that is an innocent victim of ‘ecological imbalance’
Oh rivers lakes water bodies and wetlands! !
Beware of “The Hand Of Man”.

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