Cry Of A Dying River – 17

Rajendra Kshetri

I am no longer the river I was once
The threatened river in a threatened land
The river that faces multiple dangers
In a land laden with dangerous portents
The danger of deoxygenation…
Compounded by soil erosion along the river banks
Fuelled by(illegal) encroachers and constructions
Crucified by islet-like-formation of non-biodegradable wastes
Oh dangers of the world! What could be more lethal
Than the Danger of Men!!!

I am no longer the river I was once
The river that has been/is left out
In all the cleanliness campaigns
The river that has been/is made
A selective victim of selective vision
The river that symbolises the sound of silence
Silence that speaks for the health of valley warters
The river that craves for conservation of oxygen levels in rivers and lakes
Oh water precious water! the elixir of life
The river that flows with flood of tears.

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