DESAM (TDC) seeks State Govt’s intervention

IMPHAL, Dec 6:The Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) Thoubal District Council has sought immediate attention of the State Government in fulfilling the needs and requirements of three Colleges in Thoubal including Thoubal College, YK College and Waikhom Mani Girls College.
According to a press release of DESAM (TDC), a team of the students union led by its president, L Rabichandra met with the Principals of the three Colleges and found out immense absence of basic and necessary requirements of running a College causing grievances to the students, staff and non teaching staff of the College.
The team found out the insufficient number of teaches at almost every department of YK College and improper fencing which resulted the students to vacate their hostel rooms since there are no proper fencing for security and privacy purposes.
The absence of strong and proper fencing has led unauthorized people to enter the premises without permission, it said while adding that there are only seven non teaching staff out of the 28 staff allotted.
Meanwhile, Thoubal College face similar problem with insufficient number of teaching and non-teaching staff and without proper fence, the statement added.
DESAM (TDC) has urged the State Government to take necessary actions to fulfil the requirements of the only girls college in the district, Waikhom Mani Girls College.
It further sought immediate intervention of the Government and the department concerned in providing the needs of the Colleges.

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