DGP urges all to stay alert to face every possible natural calamities

IMPHAL, Dec 6: Relief and Disaster Management Department, Manipur launched a three day Disaster management training programme for Imphal West district police personnel at 1st Battalion Manipur Rifles banquet hall, today.
Speaking as the chief guest at the event, DGP LM Khaute said that natural disasters and calamities have been occuring since time immemorial and in the modern society, it has become necessary for the people to learn survival skills and disaster management skills to properly face and over come natural disasters which may occur without warning.
Speaking at the event, the DGP pointed out that the Government has been taking up numerous measures to create awareness among the people, like organising capacity building and skill management programmes, taking into consideration the frequent occurrences of natural disasters like flood and earthquake in the State. He also conveyed that it is time for the public to remain alert at all times so as to effectively face any natural disaster.
The DGP also stressed on the need of the Relief and Disaster Management Department to provide necessary training as well as advanced equipment to the police personnel.
Khaute said that there are pressures from several angles urging him to attach several police personnel to the Relief and Disaster Management Department.
Asking if the trend is due to misconception about low work load at the Department or about getting promoted quickly, Khaute said that police personnel who desire to be part of the Department should be fit and able for the job.
Instructing the Department to carry out a survey of its personnel as well, the DGP said that if some personnel join the Department just for namesake, there is no harm in replacing the personnel with another more enthusiastic candidate.
Speaking at the event, Relief and Disaster Management Principal Secretary MH Khan said that police and Home Guards are the first respondents when a natural calamity strikes and for this reason, the Department organises around 30 to 40 training programmes every year for police personnel, MR, VDF, Home Guard, IRB, Forest officials, CSOs, village level organisations etc.
He pointed out that the three day training programme is specially aimed at police personnel and is focused heavily on search and rescue, first aid, fire fighting and mock drills.
Stating that such training programmes will also be organised at different districts of the State in the future, he urged the police personnel participating in the training programme to provide valuable feedback to improve the scope of the programme.
Imphal West SP, Themthing Ngasangva, Relief and Disaster Management under Secretary, Bidyarani Ayekpam and the Department’s Chief Officer (Training) Md Ayub were also present at the event.
Around 500 police personnel of Imphal West participated in the training programme.

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