The different colours of romance

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
“I saw a girl, she was walking by – then she turned around, her hairs revolved around her axis,” then what? You are in love? Or You fall in love? Or You are such a pervert. Falling in love for no reason – that’s true but there should be a reason to ‘fall in love with no reason too.’ You know what true love is? It’s nothing but owning the courage to hurt the person you love; your parents. Because you trust their love so much and know they will still love you – even after all the mess you did.
Love is nothing but getting yourself detached from your opposite gender completely as you just took one from that team. Your lover won’t allow you to talk to other girls/boys, because he/she considers friend-zone is the birth place of love-zone. Wait! I am just writing randomly, why not I write it step by step? Won’t that be cool? YES.
Class 8 to 10; this is the highlighted part where you think love is Koreans or falling for beauties. You will be trailered with imaginations where you innocently fantasize about everything and tries keeping the maximum number of crushes. You are welcomed to go after coaching classes where there are cool boys/girls. You will think that LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT do exist, so you keep looking. 90% of the love stories during this stage will evaporate before they even condense.
Class 11 to 12; beings hugged into this cosmos, dramatized their knowing by thinking they are the prophets of LOVERIA. People will start buying bikes with the blessings from the class 10 result for turning them into the best medium for taking girls out for dates. In the midst of your date, the protagonist will share out confidently about the purity of his singularity long before he met you, with his brain turning the union station of the memories of his Exes. The tiny princesses are tended to be mentally colonised by their Queen Mothers with the holy definition of Good prince, “Good boys are those who keep quiet and studies a lot and who sits in first bench.” That order made this kingdom suffer from an important phenomenon call LOVE TRIANGLE. You must have heard this a lot, “I love that beautiful girl but she is after our class topper.”
Bachelor’s degree; freedom – freedom – freedom, lust – eloping – becoming parents. This biosphere makes you accept that love is enjoyment, seriousness, closeness and what-so-ever. 40% of the students knock off the wall of bachelor’s life before the closing of graduation just because of the lust of wanting physical closeness. You will now be layered with expectations, “my boy should be like this, I should be treated like this, he/she should not be fat,” this draws to ten less than a cent of all the break-ups. WHAT WILL I BECOME will be the main iota hunting you away from living in the moment yet your tiny collar will weigh you down with egos of show-off natures. More than 69% of the people celebrates their heart-breaking farewell of their virginities.
Master’s degree; maturity – frustration – future, a stage where you think, “What the hell is wrong with my life?” Their Facebook relationship status vibrate volumes of their singularity for they focus more on studies. Pressures will be raised about jobs. During this deadly reign, looks are far beyond their priorities leaving them with drum like figures; the time where boys no longer breath-in tight when girls passes-by.
Engagement time; cheating – acting. Way above 90% of the males will turn into saints seeking virgin women defying the fact of their looseness of their own virginity. Girls who have mastered and hit century in dating boys will miraculously turn like a shy girl from hood on the engagement day just to kill all suspections. The boy who had won awards in flirting will drastically programed like a sweet customer to let his in-laws sell the product with heavy offers. Upon all this, eruption of overrated ads. undergoes through an exchange of never seen products. Even after having an additional degree in dating, if she is cuddled professionally as doctor, all her shows will be nothing, but cuteness but if she turns jobless, she will be thrown to the category of sluts, this goes for boys too. Are you ready to spent the rest of your life just because you will never go to bed hungry as he has a thick bank balance? If so, what is the difference between you and a dog? May-be you look more human than the dog.
After Marriage; time completely defines love during this time, also you are so much done with depressions and starts realizing that you are just a deal for your parents in the name of providing a bright future for you. Then you compromise with all your happiness just to give your new child a warm hand; living your life in depression. Years will roll down your depression making it seem like your depression was worth suffering and will again do the same to your children.

(The writer is a Motivational Orator, based in Canada. And can be reached at; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal, watch his WILL motivational videos by going to his YouTube channel @birkarnelzelzit thiyam.)

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