Disclose criminal antecedents, if any: ECI to candidates

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Mar 12: In a positive development, it will be made mandatory for all the candidates contesting the coming Lok Sabha election to publish their criminal antecedents, if any, through print and electronic media, apart from making their social media accounts public.
According to an official source, as per an instruction of the Election Commission of India (ECI), it has been deemed mandatory for all the candidates contesting the coming 17th Lok Sabha election to publish whether they have any past criminal antecedants or not through print and electronic media, three times, from the day of filing nomination papers till 48 hours before the end of election campaign.
The source continued that the candidates cannot choose the print or electronic media name. Instead, they will have to publish their details in the media firms named by the CEO office.
The source further explained that the CEO Manipur has started taking up necessary actions to adhere to the instruction given by the ECI for the inclusion of the social media account details of the candidates while filing their nomination.
On the other hand, the CEO sent a notice to the Chief Secretary today to send all excess vehicles provided to Ministers back to the Transport Department within March 15 for use by flying squads, static surveillance teams and State Nodal Officers during the coming election.
The notice also made it clear that the vehicles provided by GAD to the Ministers can be utilised for moving to their respective offices and back but will be banned from using for election purposes.
The CEO also sent notices to the heads of various departments asking them to take up necessary actions against those who have not yet sent necessary vehicles.
Drivers of all departments have to report to Transport Nodal Officer BK Sharma before March 14 and failure to do so will result in strict actions against the concerned HoDs, it added.

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