For the ears and eyes of the CM – Ask why garbage in Nambul

Apropos the news item “CM blames inadequate civic sense for pollution “(Sangai Express, dtd. Feb 1). The honourable CM might have reasons to be annoyed at the littering of the Nambul River. But his public threat to arrest the erring public is not in good taste. It is not at all befitting of an astute politician like him. Had he instead asked the concerned officers why the river still remains unclean inspite of many campaigns in the past at huge cost, the public would have appreciated him as an able top executive of the state. He could have asked the concerned departments or the officials to investigate the reasons for the public to throw the garbage in the river. It may not be simply lack of civic sense. The reasons are obvious. The questions which need to be answered are (i) whether the Imphal Municipal Corporation is fully provided with all necessary infrastructures which includes vehicles for collection and transport, and manpower in consonance with the volume of work and responsibility? The employees of the council now corporation being on strike most of the months of the year can anybody expect any good out come from them? (ii) Who is monitoring the works of the NGOs and others including the ward members to whom the works had been outsourced? (iii) More importantly, who is running the Corporation—the Mayor or the Minister, MAHUD?
As they say every time you point an accusing finger to anybody four other fingers are pointing towards you. I am a resident in Ward No. 12 Imphal West. One year back a rickety small municipal van/truck used to collect the garbage once or twice a week. We had then no reason to throw the garbage by the road side. But ever since the present corporation was constituted, the service had been discontinued for the last ten months. Personally I had submitted written complaint to the Mayor with copy to the Minister concerned, but no one ever take any action and mitigate our grievances. Rest assured none of us enjoys the extra hundred meters of carrying the garbage to the roadside. Under the given circumstances, tell me who should be penalised and insulted – the concerned officials/ employees or the poor tax payers like me who have no option?
Yours sincerely,
A Dwijamani Singh
Ahanthem Leikai, Imphal

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