End authoritarian rule call of Cong Response or reaction ?

End authoritarian rule. This is the Congress to the BJP Government, both at Delhi and Imphal and while it is still too early to draw a comparison between the previous Congress Government in Manipur and the present BJP led Government, the very fact that the Congress has come out with such a call is testimony that it sees the BJP as an intolerant Government. This is in the context of the BJP led Government at Delhi, and the question is, how justified is the State Congress in coming out with such a call when the BJP led Government has just completed one year in office here ? Tough to say, but let it be clear to all concerned that any attempt to regulate the functioning of any independent entity will boomerang in the long run and this goes against the very understanding of India as a democracy. The important question is how free is the BJP led Government from the ‘influence’ of big brother BJP at Delhi which is in power ? More importantly is the BJP led Government in Imphal ready and willing to take criticism that comes its way or does it believe in flexing its muscles to silence any voice of dissent or criticism levelled against it ? This is a question which only the BJP led Government can answer satisfactorily, but it is important to note that in trying to address this question, it should be able to free itself from any pre-determined mindset. This is important in the face of the fact that the Congress has come out openly against what it terms the ‘authoritarian’ rule of the BJP and its allies. The intolerant tag that has been given to the BJP in many parts of the country need to be studied judiciously so that the Government of Manipur, which comes under the BJP, does not model itself to fit this tag.
As stated earlier here, it would be premature to compare the present dispensation with the Congress Government in Imphal, but it is nonetheless important to note that the previous Government came nowhere near to be tagged intolerant. To the Congress baiter, it will not be tolerance, but indifference, but it stands whatever criticism or charges levelled at the previous Government were taken without a rebuff or a reaction from any constituent unit of the Congress party. Can the BJP Government lay claim to this distinction or will it say it is not indifferent to the issues of the land and hence will respond or react to each situation ? Which of the two is a better option is best left to the people to judge but there should be a dividing line between ‘concerns’ and the ‘inability to take criticisms.’ How well the BJP led Government has been able to see this dividing line is again left to the wisdom of the people. Being accessible should not be reduced to the understanding of trying to keep a tag on the activities of anyone, particularly the media, and this is a point which only the BJP led Government can answer satisfactorily. One year in office is but just the beginning and the BJP should keep this in mind for remember there are still four years to go and surely the BJP in Manipur would not want to be remembered as a one term Government. Time flies swiftly and let not this be forgotten by any political party.

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