Exclusion of private school teachers from HSLC examination

Sanjenbam Jugeshwor Singh
It has been reported in leading local papers on 5th February 2019 that Manipur Private Schools Association along with the parents of the students in private schools will go on General Strike from the mid-night of 10th February 2019 to the mid-night of 12th February 2019 .This was announced by one leader of the Association in a press meet at Manipur Press Club 0n 4th February 2019.According to the reports in local papers ,the Association has taken this decision in protest against the exclusion of the Private Schools from being Examination Centres and none of the Private School teachers will be engaged in the HSLC Examination works like invigilation and paper evaluation starting from the forthcoming Examination by the Board Of Secondary Education Manipur(BOSEM).
Members of the Association expressed their resentment as the examination will be conducted only by the Government School teachers. The Association claimed that Private Schools are the custodians of producing good and talented students in Manipur. Association further claimed that Private Schools have been taking led role to maintain the sustainable quality education in Manipur saying that 90% of the students appearing HSLC examination are from Private Schools. Their apprehensions, mainly seems to be-if the Examination is conducted by Govt. School teachers without Private school teachers, rank 1 to 25 in HSLC Examination will be snatch away by the Government Schools students which will tarnish the image of Private Schools. By doing so Government is trying to demolish all the Private Schools under BOSEM. The Association also threatens the Government that if Government vis-à-vis BOSEM don’t comply with its demand, all the Private Schools under Manipur Govt/BOSEM will be affiliated to CBSE. This is the statement expressed in resentments by Private Schools Association amidst counter-claimed by another group of the Association in presence of a student body on 5th February in a press meet.
Voice of different tune is now coming out from general public. According to general public though few of the statement of the Private School Association are found genuine but their core complaint regarding exclusion from HSLC examination is very much misleading and highly contradictory from making quality education as they claimed.
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