Expecting documentary proofs from villagers Boundary issue at border

The question now is has Border Pillar 81 really been moved into the territory of Manipur ? Was the uproar raised by numerous civil society organisations including the UCM a case of false alarm ? Was the uproar a case of seeing things all in the wrong light ? These questions have been raised in the backdrop of the pointed poser raised to the people of Kwatha Khunou on July 6 by Revenue Minister Karam Shyam to show documentary proof that the Border Pillar has indeed been moved into the territory of Manipur. This was again followed by the proclamation of Chief Minister N Biren that no hasty decision should be taken on the boundary issue. The latest development is indeed interesting and while a number of civil society organisations had earlier raised a hue and cry that Border Pillar 81 and the subsidiary pillars had indeed been moved into the territory of Manipur, the BJP led Government is of the opinion that there should be documentary proof to show that the Border Pillar has been moved into the side of Manipur. The only hitch is, how did Revenue Minister Karam Shyam come to the conclusion that the documentary evidence, if any, should be in the possession of the people of Kwatha Khunou. If indeed there is any documentary evidence, then shouldn’t that be with the Government ? Now the Ministry of External Affairs has also gone on record to state that there is no case of border pillar being shifted into the territory of India along the Indo-Myanmar boundary in Manipur sector with its spokesperson stating that the media reports on the border pillar having been shifted into the territory of Manipur are completely baseless and unsubstantiated.
More than possible that the MEA spokesperson was speaking as per the border demarcation laid down by the Survey of India but it is also important not to lose sight of the fact that it is the people who live at the border area who are acquainted with the border pillars and it is them and the Deputy Commissioner of Tengnoupal who first raised the point that Border Pillar 81 has been moved into the territory of Manipur. Tough to say how the border issue will be settled in the coming days but what is expected from the State Government is the ability to understand the sentiments of the people. Makes no sense to pointedly ask the people settled at the border area if they can produce documentary evidence to show that the border pillar has indeed been moved into the territory of Manipur. If they had the documentary evidence, then it would have been settled once and for all and this is the reason why the attention of the Government was sought into the matter. And it stands that if at all there is to be any documents to mark the boundary of Manipur at the international border, then it should be with the Government. Let not these basic points blow over the head of the people who are running the show at Imphal. The meaning of why there is a Government in the first place should not be lost and it is a tragedy that this fundamental point seems to have blown over the heads of some who occupy key positions in the Government. Let not this be repeated.

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