Expiation ritual performed

IMPHAL, Feb 14: Seeking emancipation from a curse once made by a Meitei king upon the Purum community, titular king Leishemba Sanajaoba performed an expiation ritual in front of Ibudhou Pakhangba’s shrine at Sana Konung yesterday.
Purum Likli Khullakpa S Rinneichong Songthu and Purum Khullen Khullakpa David Singthu along with their subjects journeyed to the Sana Konung with offerings for Pakhangba. Leishemba Sanajaoba welcomed the Purum community and performed an expiation ritual for the community before the holy shrine.
Purum Likli Khullakpa S Rinneichong said there was a practice of presenting gifts to the Meitei kings when they visited Purum village every year. Once during such a visit, a Meetei king asked how many families constituted the Purum community. The villagers, from sheer oversight spelled out the number 30. The King on observing more than 30 households in the village, cursed the community to remain a minority community forever and the number of households ‘never exceed beyond 30’.
The community believes it is because of the curse that Purum has remained a minority community till date. Purum community – Purum Likli and Purum Khullen joined together, has only 500 population.
The Khullakpa said he and his followers came to the titular King as he is a descendant of the Meitei king who once cursed their village with a request to emancipate them from the same curse in accordance to a collective decision of the villagers.

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