Far sighted leader in Th Muivah Looking beyond 20/30/40 years

If you cannot win Re 1 at one go, that is not the end of the world. You can start by getting 50 paise or even 25 paise. Lupa Ama Phangba Houjik Ngamdrashu, Makhaira, Sikira Hanna Loushi. This can very well be the guiding light of the NSCN (IM) and which has been brought to the forefront by former Chief Minister O Ibobi in the series of meetings organised by the State Congress unit in different parts of the State, in the last couple of days. Granted no Naga dominated district will host the series of meetings, but the same has been held in different parts of the State and what the former Chief Minister has had to say is something which cannot be easily dismissed with the wave of the hand. Giving more credence to the apprehension of O Ibobi is the statement of Nagaland Chief Minister TR Zeliang in an interview to the Indian Express wherein he has been quoted as stating, “Integration may be for the future, we have to keep our doors open.” Herein lies the man in Thuingaleng Muivah, a far sighted leader by any stretch of the imagination. Many who do not come under the Naga fold in Manipur and elsewhere may love to hate the revolutionary leader, now a political messiah, but none can deny that in Thuingaleng Muivah the Nagas have found a man who instil a sense of confidence and trust. The natural question is, whether former Chief Minister O Ibobi, former Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam, Chief Minister N Biren and the present lot of political leaders in Manipur have it in them to demonstrate the kind of leadership that Muivah has demonstrated down the decades. Can any of the present leaders of Manipur inspire the sort of confidence that Muivah has been able to amongst the Nagas cutting across State boundaries ?
Territorial integrity intact for the time being, but put in place such a mechanism that integration of Naga inhabited areas under one administrative unit becomes a reality in say 30 or 40 years down the line. If one goes by what O Ibobi and TR Zeliang have had to say then this is a distinct possibility and this is a point which the former Chief Minister of Manipur has been harping on in the series of meetings that have been held so far. How many have taken note of this ? On the other hand, what points has Chief Minister N Biren rolled up in his sleeves to flex when the time of reckoning comes ? A final pact will come soon and whether one likes it or not, something has to be given to the NSCN (IM). The only question is, what will it be and in what form ? NSCN (IM) supremo Th Muivah must have worked this out a long time back, when the cry for protecting the territorial integrity of Manipur became the catchword of numerous civil society organisations in Manipur. The important and crucial question at this point of time is what are the steps that have been thought up to counter any move that will ultimately lead to the birth of a Greater Lim. No one is asking anyone to spell out the details of the plans that all CSOs and the BJP led Government in Manipur may have, but it is important to work out such a plan for remember on the other side of the Lim divide, there is Th Muivah who has demonstrated and established beyond doubt that he is a far sighted leader who can think beyond 20/30/40 years. What Manipur needs now is a leader who can foresee the next few decades.

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