Freebies on offer to the best HSLC exams underway

The HSLC exam is on. The results can be expected in about 3 months time and if the past is any indication, one can expect to see schools, read private schools, going the whole way to attract the best. Nothing wrong with this, for trying to attract the best is natural for this is the age of competition and for once, one will see schools competing amongst themselves to lure the best of the best. This is where one can expect all the major newspapers published in Imphal to carry advertisements highlighting the freebies being put on offer. The freebies may include free tuition, free bus service, free text books, free what all is there to be offered. The common thread running in all the freebies offered by different schools is the mark scored by the students in the HSLC examination. Nothing wrong in offering incentives to toppers and the excellent students, but when everything is viewed and understood via the marks scored by the students at the HSLC examinations then the downside of viewing everything through examinations cannot be ruled out. This is a point which should not be lost on the thousands of parents who have spent all they can to ensure the best for their children. While the diligent students will no doubt walk away with all the honours on offer, no one should forget that there is also room for those who missed out on the rankings and missed the spot drawn by rankings and divisions. Life is not all about how much mark one scores at the HSLC examinations and this is a point which the young students should not forget.
On the other hand, the HSSLC exams or the Class XII exams started on February 18 and while there are points other than marks which can go on to define a student, marks will again be central to the performance of the students. Not all will crack the JEE and NEET and other professional courses and many will have to pursue their higher studies via what is general known as general line-that is pursue a degree, either in Science, Commerce or Arts. This is where one needs to take another look at the state of education at the college level here. DM College of Arts and Science and Commerce is today a university and one hopes that the road map for the future will be charted out carefully keeping in mind the demand of the time. It has to go along with the changing times and apart from academic excellence, the need to create the right atmosphere for the young students to pursue their academics cannot be over emphasised here. This is where the role of civil society organisations, the student organisations and the people themselves come into play. The need to create the right ambience is a responsibility that should be shared by all together. It is not the job of the Government alone to ensure this. A point which should not blow over the head of anyone. Failure to address this reality, which has been staring everyone in the face, has burdened parents and elders of every family to send their children outside Manipur for their higher studies and not all are that well placed to do this comfortably.

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