From Chupacabra attack to anti-incumbency to anti-CAB movement- Manipur Ingtham diary!

Sanatombi Angomcha
A few months back, some mysterious predators were on the prowl creating fear psychosis among the paakhatchao masses of Manipur. Despite the valuable opinion of some of our ministers (even calling the predators as wild domestic animals), experts were yet to confirm whether the predators were real predators like the mythologicalchupacabra or some sort of aliens paying a horrible friendly visit on planet earth. Fear gripped the entire state and ‘Shaleire’ videos flooded social media space every now and then. Some wannabe attention seekers became damn famous on social media spaces merely uploading ‘shaleire’ or ‘shaurey’ videos.
A few heipaasaaba experts later visited Manipur to look into the matter and insinuated in their report that it was some weird act of dogs. The indigenous dogs’ association of Manipur lambasted the experts’ report. Some of them even protested on the streets and barked at their own owners for not defending their self-dignity.
One of the dog activists uploaded a post on social media which reportedly criticized the incumbent government for accusing dogs on the wrong ground. The cybercrime cell later took care of the dog but was lost in confusion on what to do next since they were not legally equipped with any provision for punishing dogs under any of the human-centric legislations.
No sooner than the public memory got shallow on the ‘sha issue’, a wave of anti-incumbency started sweeping across the entire state especially among the youth after the arrest of WangkhemchaWangthoi, an ex-journalist. The wave of anti-incumbency swept for quite some time till the LokSabha, on 8th January, 2019, passed the contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill,2019 that seeks to provide Indian citizenship to non-Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. 
The bill was tabled after it was cleared by a joint parliamentary committee. Introduction of the bill was vehemently objected to by the opposition. No sooner than the bill was passed, the whole North Eastern States started protesting against it. CSOs, student organizations and most of the political parties in Manipur except the ruling party started protesting against the bill. It’s been more than a month and the various forms of protests against CAB become intense day by day. Unluckily, the incumbent government cannot seek help from experts on this issue like the chupacabra case. The apprehension among the hoi polloi keeps on increasing day by day. Economic activities of many keithelfambiemaeben are at a standstill which means they are already bearing the economic brunt. A kilo of rice at present costs Rs. 40 and prices of other commodities many soar up soon.
PS- The NaMo wave hurled the entire country in 2014 parliamentary election. North Eastern States also got carried away in the NaMo wave and voted for change. A new political era also began in Manipur in March, 2017 under the leadership of Thambaljao, with full support and assistance from the saffron brigade at the centre.
The incumbent sarkaar under Thambaljao will soon complete 2 years this March. There are a lot of political tornados on the way (perhaps they already reached Sekmai river beach). Will Thambaljao and his party pull out their swords and shields to combat with the tornados? Besides stocking up mock bombs to control the protestors, has the incumbent government stocked up enough solutions for the masses if any sort of unwanted eraang erupts in the state after the controversial bill becomes an Act? Will CAB decide the fate of the ruling political party in Manipur? Will the NaMo wave still hurl the entire country in 2019 if the controversial bill becomes an Act? Will North Eastern States start fighting for liberation from India once CAB is passed? The answers of these questions may be blowing in the wind. After all it’s windy Fairen month of the lunar calendar.

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