Genesis of ‘Cry Of A Dying River’ and its one year appearance in TSE

It was on 17th day of September 2017, last year, that I on a sudden wild impulsive moment/mood, scratched a few lines for/on/about the river Nambul, saddened shocked and shattered as I was, I still am, by the pathetic and highly polluted state of Nambul. The first poem, so to say, on Nambul appeared on 17th September 2017 under the caption “Cry Of A Dying River” in the English edition of The Sangai Express, the largest circulated English daily in Manipur.
What began as an act of impulsive/random penning/passing thought has now become an obsession,  an addiction leaving me little time for anything else. Nambul has literally gone into my DNA and much as I tried I am unable to get this “most polluted river” out of my system. If someone were to tell me then that I would be penning 40/50 poems on Nambul and getting them carried on the Poetry Section of The Sangai Express, I would have certainly told him/her – he/she is crazy. But here today I am, a year later, still penning lines after lines …
The power of, my love and passion for, water bodies, wetlands and rivers. Thank you The Sangai Express for so conscienciously providing space to Nambul river.

Yours faithfully
Prof Rajendra Kshetri, Manipur University,  Imphal.

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