“Give a dog a bad name and hang him”

An old English proverb says, ~ “Give a dog a bad name and hang him.” It rips a very sinister design open. Generally, social terrorists adopt this design to vilify a victim as a criminal. It helps those terrorists who are the real criminals, look like the champions of morality and social order. The modus operandi of this design can magically turn a helpless tribal widow into a witch ~ a lover into an intruder ~ a cobbler into a cattle smuggler ~ a person with non-Aryan features into a chinky/ drug pedlar/ cannibal etc. It is more often than not, “hang him” gets replaced by “lynch” him. After the first act of giving the victim a bad name on the khap/ kangaroo stage, the mob starts lynching the victim on the pretext of witch – hunting, honour – killing or cow – saving.
We know that kangaroo courts are sham legal proceedings which are set up to give the impression of a legal process. But the fact of the matter is that the verdict against the victim is decided in advance. Previously, the proceedings and execution of such courts were in the open. Now, khap courts have got very sophisticated electronic avatars. Kangaroo trial can now go on under the guise of social media and television channels.
Sometimes, a victim has been targeted in social media. Then a khap – social – media – panchayet starts trolling the Internet to hurl unprintable filthy language on that person against whatever she/ he posts. On the other hand, kangaroo trial on some news channels are getting good TRP. We are witnessing such trials while dining together or searching the Internet before going to bed. Therefore, Kangaroo trial can no longer be called a street justice as it trespasses on our living room. However, it is true that though electronic media can malign a person but it cannot murder her/ him on the spot. It can only give a person “a bad name” leaving the final job “to hang him” in the hands of a lynch mob.
Now, what happened to Afrajul Khan, a poor labourer from West Bengal, was a case of combination of street and electronic trial. He was hacked to death and burnt in Rajasthan by a lone assassin who made inflammatory comments and footage of the murder was uploaded on social media. It has been reported that the killer gets influenced by hate speeches and messages on social media. So, this murder is actually a chain of events that originated in hate speeches in social media and then it snowballed to a street murder and then again it went back to social media for further snowballing. Generally, there is a common link between all victims of hate crimes. The poor people ~ a labourer, a cobbler, a butcher, a hawker ~ are the most soft and easy prey of hate crimes.
Now, there is to be a total ban on hate speeches. We must protect our poor brothers and sisters from their becoming scapegoats in the hands of the vested interest and greedy market players.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Sujit De,
Date : 09.12.2017
Address : 5/11 Government Housing Estate, Sodepur, Kolkata -700110
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