Heirok Nagar Panchayat yet to get ODF tag

THOUBAL, Jan 2 : The opposition Councillors of Heirok Nagar Panchayat have contradicted the statement issued by the executive officer of the Panchayat on December 28, last year, which claimed that Heirok Nagar Panchayat is Open Defecation Free.
Four opposition Councillors of the Panchayat have claimed that open defecation is still continuing in Heirok Nagar Panchayat.
Speaking at a press meet held at Heirok today, ward no 4 Councillor, Kh Noyon said that the time period given by the Panchayat to receive complains on claiming the area ODF is unreasonable.
He stated that the notice seeking complaints (15 days time period) was issued by the Parliament on December 28 but the deadline for the complaint was stated as January 4 which is unreasonable. He further stated that the four Councillors were not informed about any Panchayat meeting on December 13, which was also stated in the notice issued by the Panchayat.
Despite the announcement that Heirok Nagar Panchayat is open defecation free, lack of proper awareness and minimum sensitisation among the people have resulted in still defecating in the open, he added.
Seeking immediate attention of the authority concerned, he urged the Department concerned to take necessary steps in order to make Heirok Nagar Panchayat an open defecation free area.
Heirok Library and Sporting Union Advisor Kh Dhanakumar stated that people still practice the trend at Heirok river bank under ward no 2 of the Panchayat.
Such practice is a health hazard and will led to the rise of innumerable diseases in the area, he added.

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