Hon’ble Governor’s attention drawn to RIMS

Some days ago – could not remember the exact date, I saw a discussion in a local cable TV Channel regarding facilities provided by Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) such as free medical tests etc. Among the members of the panel there was the Director of RIMS who was telling about the various initiatives/achievements that had been taken up after he took over as the director. What was interesting was the Director was sort of complaining that he did not get much appreciation from the public for the good works that he was doing.
Some two months ago this writer wrote a letter from his own experience of the RIMS casualty that was published in Sangai Express English Edition and suggested some measures to make RIMS Shine. And afterwards some other members of the public had also suggested many more things from their own experiences to improve RIMS in the general interests of the public, because the fact is, RIMS is the only the Medical institution that has the potential to develop it into a hospital of standard comparable to that of the other Indian city hospitals, as this is the only centrally funded hospital in Manipur.
The suggestions mainly centred around cleanliness and the various health service sectors of RIMS. In this context the writer would like to draw the attention of the RIMS authority that is the Director and the Ministry of Health in the Centre. But sadly Manipur being a fringe state, the attention of the Union Health Ministry would be a far fetched idea. Therefore the attention of the Hon’ble Governor may kindly be drawn to the premier institute so that the Union Health Minister’s attention be drawn towards the dysfunctional aspects of RIMS so that it may be improved without delay ; the fact is, it is 21st century and India is a rising star.
Here the writer wish to point out just one area, that is the area to maintain cleanliness in RIMS. The fact is, to maintain cleanliness in RIMS the basic requirement is to employ sufficient Group D staff. In this regard it may be pointed out as reported in some papers, that in 2016 Director RIMS had published / notified for recruitment of Gr. D Staff to recruit some 200 odd staff known as multitasking staff and it is also learnt that around 20,000 applicants applied for the job.
But much to the inconvenience of the applicants the Director RIMS including the present incumbent, as a matter of fact have chosen to sit on the file for reasons best known to them till date. And there is none to question or ask the director because except for the central health ministry, the Director is the boss.
The fact is RIMS is controlled by the Union Health Ministry situated at far off Delhi and here in Imphal there is no one to oversee the working of the Director. And to mention one point among the many lapses, the 20,000 applicants have been denied the chance to serve RIMS and they are helpless against a director who asks for appreciation for his good works. What a cruel joke to the 20,000 odd applicants!
Therefore in the public interests of Manipur, the attention of the Hon’ble Governor of Manipur may kindly be drawn to initiate necessary actions so that the Director of this premier institute takes responsibility and necessary procedure for the recruitment of the be initiated so that RIMS may get rid of its (dirt) that are found in most areas of this premier institute.
Yours faithfully
Leishangthem Dijen

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