Your husband is your life partner, there is a reason why it’s called ‘Partner’ not ‘Boss’

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Dreams that are inked in my heart is now dusting off itself – wondering why? An echo spoke loud and crispy – that I am a fan of fear. Biologically privileged of paddling across the masculine world yet neighboured with the other half tenting under EQUAL RIGHTS, forcing to equate both the uniqueness. Agreed, but NO to accepting the ugly truth, never will I say YES to the one shouting for women rights who forced his wife to wall herself in kitchen.
Years back, loud and clear in memories – stamped with a forever ink, it was my grandmother’s reply to my question, “I wish I have a little sister, won’t I get one?” “Be content with your brother, boys are better,” a wise woman; my Grandmother said that. Having cremated with WHYS, voiceless voices kept bubbling up for the biggest WHY, “Why having a brother is better than having a sister?” Oh! Please tell me, why no one understands that a girl is a budding mother?
She longs to dance, sing, study, swim, run, shoot, act, but what, how can gender be an excuse to butter all the longs with poisons? Have heard a lot, mothers are strong and a true God’s creation, but girls are what? God created girls that evolves to mothers, if you love your Mom, you are supposed to love your daughters too.
If you look down on girls just because of their shallow physical strength, probably you are still in stone age when the strongest rules. This is a changing world where the one with the biggest idea rules, and if you still think you can force your girlfriend on anything just because of your muscle power, Man! You should be in jungle.
To all the ladies, you need to start doing what you want to do, not what boys does just to show you also can. Comparison is driving this inequality heavily. Stop living in your houses thinking you are safe there, just living behind the walls will make you feel safe but not really safe. If your window got a bar, you will be safe but will never get the perfect view.
You need not wait to follow your dream, the day your parents set you free will be the day your husband will tie you up. Never wait for turning point because you are walking in an empty field, take the turn anytime you wish. You are not growing up to get bought on the engagement day, you have a life to live, just as much as you are free to write in your dairy, you are free to follow your dream.
Indians never got independence while fighting with the Whites but right after the moment they don’t give a damn about the whites. Stop! Fighting with the males, just don’t give a damn. You need no man to tell you that you are strong because you know you are, the more you lean the more they take the advantage.
Yes! 1000 years back, ladies are confined with raising children and making food, because they lived in jungles and muscle power spoked. But now, all the muscle powers are substituted by machines. If you don’t understand what I mean, let me make it simple, “The Ak47 with a lady and the one with a male, both have the same strength.”
If you want to minimize rape then instead of lecturing your daughter about the dresses – teach your sons how they will feel if their sisters are raped, instead of telling your daughters to not go out – tell your sons that how you(Mothers) felt when people teased you(Mothers), instead of telling your daughters to get confined in kitchen – tell your sons to take over the kitchen work at times because this will bring equality not by putting some reservations for women.
To all the ladies, don’t limit your dreams with some excuses, don’t be the one giving up everything just to satisfy your husband, you are an idea, a hope, a bridge linking with the future generation, you are more responsible than males. I know you want to be a dancer, a model, an actor, just stop giving up your dreams thinking that your parents will be in shame amongst his friends because of what you do. If they are those parents who feels proud only when you do what they only want, I think you better run away from that jail and live your life even for a second, that’s happiness.
Your dupatta should be worn for comfortability, you are not so weak that your prestige would go away just after a boy snatched your dupatta. And yes, be a proud lady, be proud of your responsibilities, and stop being housewife, no one was born wanting to be a housewife. Some hypercritic males try to praise you by saying, “being a house wife is a big thing and blah blah,” trying to make you happy, trust me don’t kill all your dreams which you had before you got married. Your husband is your life partner, there is a reason why it’s called ‘Partner’ not ‘Boss,’ stop impressing him by depressing your dreams.
That’s all for today, see you next Monday.
(The writer is from Khoijuman, Bishnupur. And can be reached at; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal, you now can follow him on Youtube by subscribing his channel @Just_Anything.)

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