If you want to change the human, take a break from the common road

James Heisnam
Time is so fast today, people are also tired in trying to be able to go with the passage of time without even thinking wether the road on which they go is right or wrong. What most of us think is, if we are able to go faster than the others with an intention of competition then we are smarter and if we are able to accomplish our tasks sooner than our co-workers then we assume, we have higher intelligent quotient without seeing what it results; it affects to the relationship among us, may be among our friends or among our co-workers.
Most of us try to dominate others by speaking more than the others or without listening to the others, we just try to be able to defeat or win the others by pretending that we are more capable than them though we are really not.
Friend! You don’t need to try to dominate others if you are an able person. People will follow you inevitably if you are really capable. You are now trying to be just more than your friends, and even you try to suppress them as you want to be always more than them. Here! I should like to convey something very important to you that sometimes,you may not be able to say that your childhood friends are your friends proudly to your new friends because of the gap between your lifestyle and their lifestyles.
Therefore, you better to extend your hands to your friends and pull them up today, instead suppressing them. Sometimes, you will surely start looking for those friends who can save you. So encourage them, help them, but don’t compete with them as you are already known who you are, by your deeds. You don’t need to compete with them and it affects among your relationship too. Moreover, competition is a stupid thing and don’t forget, genius do only what is needed to be done.
When you appreciate someone, your personality is not decreased,but it helps in integrating your personality and developing into ambiversion. You must be thinking that you are up-to-date for you are born at the city, and with this thought you most of the time think yourself that you are a respectable person or superior to those who are born at the villages. But you are actually pulled up by your birthplace not by your deed. So there is no reason to be proud of your birthplace if you don’t try to pull up your birthplace. There is no principle which says respectable and superior people are born only at the cities. Respect lies neither at the villages nor at the cites, but it lies to those who use it.
So stop following passersby, they are also following those who goes ahead of them just because it has been a tradition since time immemorial. Stop thinking in the same way what others think, if what they think is wrong then you will also become a victim in the future for going onto the same road.
Don’t you want to change the world? I believe you must be wanting to change, at least the mind of the person whom you truly love to. If you want to change something, you don’t have to follow others always without knowing the road. You must get out of the common road sometimes, and observe those who goes on it. Observe them sometimes by looking down from a higher place, how they are going and what they are thinking.
In case, you lose your way, you will be able to find it again by looking down from a higher place at where you are right now. In the same way, you need to take time for meditation as much as possible or you must think what is the right thing to do, and which road is the right road for you. Because handling a sophisticated machine is easy if you know properly how to handle it, otherwise, it will be of no use. And your valuable life is also just like a machine, so handle your life properly by knowing how to handle it.
So far, I have met a lot of friends and varieties of people, however, I seldom have met people who sleep after thinking what he or she has to do tomorrow and what he or she has done for the day and whether what they have done is right or wrong. In fact, empathy and self-introspection has totally been vanished in our society and it makes people think only what they think is right and forget to say, ‘You are right, ‘ to others.
This is the society where parents always advise their young ones to become each of them a good member of the society, they would scold them, stop them from drinking with the money, drawn from the candidates in exchange of their rights, however they would insist them to take money from the candidates when elections comes. The parents never wants to lose their own wealth and future, but they don’t care about society’s wealth and future. Therefore, don’t think older people are always right and there is no rule that says only older people will always lead you.

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