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It seems the Director of Regional Institute of Medical Sciences has been wasting precious time campaigning for his popularity like a politician. This is unfortunate.
This writer made some observations based on his own personal experiences regarding the functioning of this premier institute, so that the RIMS authority take corrective measures. But surprisingly instead of taking necessary corrective measures the Director seems to use some people/persons etc. to speak for him and defend his wrong doings by attempting to appropriate all the credit of any commendable works only by himself.
It may be pertinent to mention that only a few months ago, a resident doctor of RIMS reportedly wrote to the PMO or Health Ministry regarding the shabby administration of management of RIMS that ultimately led to the Manipur High Court taking up a suo moto case. And if I can remember correctly, some inpatients of RIMS had, in the last 2/3 months, also made some complaint about RIM’s shabby maintenance that were reported in the media. Such complaints are genuine and RIMS authority must take corrective measures.
This writer too wrote four times till date, and these are sort of alerts to the RIMS authority to make necessary correction.
However, it is very unfortunate to find that instead of taking corrective measures the RIMS authority chose to resort to counter through his men. For example in the last complaint/alert I said, the Director sat on the files for the recruitment of Group D staff. However in his reply, through his man, he said, it “…would take months…” to sort out the applicants. So, I made some enquiries and I found that the list of 20,000 odd applicants were computerized and all the 20,000 odd applicants had been given computer generated acknowledgement cards.
It was also learnt that to sort out the 20,000 odd applicants it may take some hours not months as asserted by RIMS authority. And for the actual recruitment it may take a few weeks or at the most one or two months.
Another funny thing is, I was charged by his man that “…it is my suspicions that Shri Dijen’s interest in the Group D appointments appears that perhaps he has a few candidates in mind to be appointed …” Such is the level of stupidity, the Director is the appointing authority and not anyone, including a public like me.
My interest in this regard is to let the desperate unemployed youths of the state to try their luck to serve RIMS and in return to let them earn a meagre salary for a living, that is all. I wonder, a person who is so worried for the directorship, who otherwise draws a hefty monthly salary of rupees two lacs or so, could be so insensitive and heartless to the plight of the 20,000 odd poor souls, who I believe must be cursing those who are playing with their once in their lifetime prospect of getting a job to survive, in this hopelessly jobless state.
To conclude, it is to the credit of the former director, an IAS Officer, who put a cap to the bill amount for the works that can be awarded by the Director on his own sweet will, otherwise crores of rupees could have been finished off by now, in the contract works of RIMS.
In fact, more issues can be added but I choose not to, because my only intention is to make the RIMS authority responsible and sensitive.

Yours faithfully,
Leishangthem Dijen

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