Just a word will work magic now

For more than a month the UNC Blockade is already in operation. This has caused much hardship to both the hills and valley people of Manipur. Further the situation is likely to get out of control any time.
Guessing from the stands (and the inabilities) of both the State Govt and the UNC, at this point the role of the Central Govt is very crucial now – not that it can solve the issue, but ‘just a word from the Centre’ can be taken as an ‘excuse’ by both the contending parties in ending the impasse. A word by Centre, even something like ‘we will see to it’ is going to cast a magic spell now. Because the State Govt has no alternative at this juncture, so too the UNC not much wits now. Hence at this critical point even a word (or even a white lie) may bring about a positive impact. Guess the Centre is listening.
Secondly, in this ongoing impasse any form of use of Force and even promulgation of Section 144 CrPC is not likely to solve the entire problem. Contenders must sit across the table and face each other eyeballs to eyeballs and straighten things out, and they should really dive into the root of the matter. (Reluctance on the part of GoM as well as GoI here was the cause of the deadlock).
As both the hill and the valley communities are reeling under the impact for a long time, and as the contending parties are quite unable to take further steps now the ball is now supposedly in the Centre’s Court. The contending parties are likely to submit even to the slightest positive ‘gesture’ of the Centre now.
Yours sincerely,
Jimmy Pamei,

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