Kangkum village clarifies, urges dialogue

Ukhrul, Apr 28 : The Kangkum village authority has clarified that the body of B Pitaranjan alias Korabin was not found at Kangkum village but at N Kanchuram village.
Giving details, the village authority said that Pitaranjan came to Kangkum village on April 19 and left on April 21. His body was later found in the gorges of N Kanchuram village on April 24.
Speaking to the media at UDWJA office, the headman of Kangkum village, P Shinglai appealed to all right thinking people, NGOs, social organizations, villages including the two families for an open discussion to establish the fact and nature of his death in order to avoid further confusion and resolve the matter amicably.
According to P Shinglai, the villagers extended all co-operation and volunteered to search for B Pitaranjan.
According to him, the villagers reported that B Pitaranjan might have committed suicide or died of overdose because strips of tablet covers were recovered from the site, where his lifeless body was lying.
Kasom police retrieved the corpse for handing it over to the bereaved family, said P Shinglai and added that the police report and their observation can help in establishing the nature of his death.
P Shinglai also clarified that the ‘agreement’ signed with the elder brother of the deceased on April 24 was not with Kangkum village authority.
It was with N Kanchumram village, he said. N Keishing also signed as the headman in charge of my village (Kangkum) in my absence.
Kangkum village has no connection with the ‘agreement’ signed between the two parties, the village chief further claimed.

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  1. wungchipem   April 29, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    my heart goes to the family of B Pitaranjan alias Korabin . condemn the mysterious death. An enquiry should be conducted and at the same time urge the people concern not to taint a communal colour to the current problem. guilty should not go unpunished. And taking the law in hand and ransacking public and private property should also be condemn equally. peace and harmony to manipur


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