Karam Shyam gifts

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Nov 7: CAF&PD Minister Karam Shyam handed over financial aid to a differently abled girl who is working as a sweeper at Kangla, as a Diwali and Ningol Chakkouba gift.
Minister Karam Shyam personally visited the 13 year old girl (name withheld) of Lamlai and handed over a sum of Rs 50,000 as a Diwali and Ningol Chakkouba gift.
The said girl, born to a poor family, was treated for bone marrow cancer and her left leg had to be amputated as a result of the complication.
Even though she aimed to continue her studies by wearing an artificial limb, financial difficulties forced her to abandon her aim and as such, the financial aid was provided to the girl by the Minister.
Speaking to media persons, Minister Karam Shyam expressed desire to help the Ningols of the State in the light of Diwali and Ningol Chakkouba festivals and added that he came across the girl during his quest.
He further assured that he would continue to offer every support he can to the girl as well.
Later, the Minister also went to Kangla and handed over financial aid to the women sweepers and also conveyed warm wishes to the people of the State on the occasion of Ningol Chakkouba.
On the other hand, the Minister expressed concern with the trend of competing in the area of gifts given to the Ningols during Ningol Chakkouba and appealed to the people not to let the beauty of the auspicious day disappear.

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