King maker vs king saver

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Politicians and diapers must be changed often and for the same reasons. Clemens’ logic does not hold well all the time. If a few leaders are doing a good job; they must be given some more time to continue for the same. I am neither a king-maker nor a king-saver but I am just a crazy believer in the common good of the people. The present dispensation is doing pretty well in bridging the gap between the hill and the valley. The sense of uneasiness and distrust between the people is gradually withering. It may take some more time to rejuvenate and restore the age old bonhomie.
When my grandmother was alive she always cautioned me ‘Lakhsaheb’, “never be part of King-Maker-group and always be with the King-Saver-group”. She is no more, died about two decades back. She lovingly called me ‘Lakhsaheb’ because I used to take her money without telling her; that is a better way of saying rather than uttering “stealing or robbing her money”.
Today narrative is more or less the same. In a democratic set up also there has been constant power struggle amongst the elected representatives. The leader is elected by the majority. As long as he commands the majority he rules. When the number is depleted or on the verge of depletion the possibility of changing the leadership becomes imminent. As long as the leader commands the trust of the High Command there is no virtual threat to his position though the number is wavering.
However in this modern democratic world there is an institution – the Judiciary which decides the rights and wrongs of our actions on the basis of their understanding of things based on the law books which are in vogue! When there is failure to comprehend either the books or the actions miscarriage of justice takes place. It happens around the world.
If such institutions fail to deliver justice and if the authorities fail to deliver the goods, what else the poor people can do; in frustration they call for strikes, bandhs, blockades or in desperation as the last resort they become violent. The grievance redressal mechanism of the present day system is extremely weak and lethargic. That is why we have innumerable problems around us. This syndrome is made more complicated whenever there is fluid political scenario.
Why are you in politics? To serve the people selflessly; this reply is for public consumption. We know the true answer, though obnoxious – “to enjoy power, to become a minister or the chief minister or the prime minister, to command authority, to mint money, to grab respect, to get famous, to become well known, last but not the least to get security cover which is a status symbol”. This kind of politics triggers frequent political instability.
Almost every year government is changed or leadership is replaced. This is happening quite often in the smaller states. We have experienced it in Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Meghalaya in the recent past. Chief Ministers are changed even at the drop of a head. That means there is still something wanting in the existing system.
A stable government can do a lot of things for the state. An unstable government is of no use for the people. The primary purpose of enacting an Anti-defection law is to ensure political stability. Even the revamped Anti- defection law is not good enough for tiny states where the number of legislators is manipulatibly small. There is still room for improvement.
If the Speaker is taking time in deciding matters relating to defections and yet maintaining political stability, the purpose of the law is served (that is to maintain political stability as contemplated by the anti-defection law). This is my weird way of thinking, you may not agree. Again Her Excellency looks into the complaints on ‘Office of Profit’; it is a time consuming process to see the frivolities constitutionalities and legalities of every plea; everyone is not a legal eagle or a constitutional expert; consultation is a time consuming process. Heavens are not falling!
At the same time we must respect the authority and jurisdiction of the constitutional functionaries like the Speaker or the Governor. As per the Constitution the cases relating to defection are decided by the Speaker; you can’t flay him for not giving an instant decision. Likewise all the cases relating to ‘Office of Profit’ are dealt with by the Governor in consultation with the Election Commission. In a democracy we need to maintain some kind decorum and dignity. Even the Courts respect the power, position, and jurisdiction of these Constitutional functionaries and they don’t infringe upon their rights .
“No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session” Mark Twain.

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