KNF reminds over PMGSY, says priority to local contractors

KNF reminds over PMGSY, says priority to local contractors
KANGPOKPI, Nov 23 : Following its allegation of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) failing to serve its purpose to the hill people, owing to the alleged issuing and execution of works below scheduled rate in the month of August, the Department of Project and Planning of the Kuki National Front issued a reminder to the PMGSY contractors over the schemes, today.
The press communique issued by Director, Project and Planning, KNF, Andrew K reiterated that execution of the works below scheduled rate and the poor quality has failed PMGSY in serving its purpose to the hill people in the far flung areas.
He continued that inspite of huge sanctions made by Government under PMGSY to construct roads in the far flung areas, many roads remained unmotorable due to poor quality of work.
He pointed out that many of the roads are blocked due to landslide and the contractors concerned failed to take the responsibility of maintaining these roads although they have fully withdrawn their bills forcing the innocent people to bear all such grievances out of their negligence and insincerity.
He further alleged that apart from the various tremendous hardships faced by the people, several developmental schemes and projects have failed to reach the people due to the worthless roads.
Considering all these facts, the Department of Projects and Planning of KNF issued an order in respect of PMGSY phase XI (Batch 2017-18) within Kangpokpi District that only local contractors shall be given priority to take up the works in order to maintain proper quality.
He also said that all these roads should be accessible to the poor and helpless villagers even during rainy seasons, which the earlier implementation of the schemes failed. The outfit is compelled to intervene in the interest of the public who are denied their basic necessity till today, he added.

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