KUM opposes ‘move’ to eliminate Kabui nomenclature

IMPHAL, Jan 2: Kabui Union Manipur (KUM) has voiced strong opposition to the alleged move of some individuals who are hell-bent on elimination of the Kabui nomenclature by organising some sort of convention.
In a press release, KUM claimed that the word “Kabui” has been in use since time immemorial and the Kabui tribe is one of the oldest ethnic tribes not only in Manipur but also in the North East India.
In Manipur context, the term “Kabui” is as old as the history of Manipur. The recognition of Kabui as a Scheduled Tribe by Government of India is not a recent reference unlike other tribes, it said.
KUM will oppose tooth and nail any move either by individuals or organisations which may have detrimental effect on the nomenclature of the Kabui tribe, it made it clear.
The union said that it would be a futile exercise to replace the Kabui nomenclature by any other newly coined nomenclature without any historical basis.
It appealed to the Government of India and Government of Manipur to clarify on the recognition of Rongmei and Kabui as two separate tribes.
This denote recognition has led to confusion amongst the general public. It is beyond one’s comprehension why a single tribe is recognised by two different names – Kabui and Rongmei, KUM said.
In this regard, the union appealed to Government of India to take up correctional legislative process so as to clear the prevailing confusion at the earliest.
The union also appealed to the concerned village chiefs, social workers, intellectuals, youth and women’s societies to refrain from activities that may undermine the history of Kabui directly or indirectly.
KUM will take up necessary steps to preserve and protect the Kabui ethnic identity, it vowed.

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