KYC bats for 3 days Yaoshang

BISHNUPUR, Feb 27 : People of Keinou Thongkha, NGOs, Meira Paibi, Clubs, Panchayat members and Sports Council members organised a joint meeting on Yaoshang festival at Loyalakpa Community Hall, Keinou yesterday, said a statement issued by the office of the Keinou Thongkha Youth Club (KYC) today.
The joint meeting agreed to hold the Yaoshang festival for only three days. Yaoshang Thabal for the Ningols of the area will be organised only once on the second day of the festival, said the statement.
The statement further stated that the meeting also resolved to ban use of loud speakers and discourage begging for alms during the festival.
Screening of films to earn money and organising Shumang Leela during the festival is prohibited, continued the statement.

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