KYKL refutes

The proscribed KYKL has refuted any connection between the outfit and Loitongbam Hemchandra of Sagolband Moirang Hanuba Mamang Leirak, his two sons Bimol Meitei (40) and Dinachandra Meitei (35) and Laihourrungbam Saratchandra (40) s/o L Ibohal of Top Awang Leikai.

The quartet were arrested by Manipur Police in the night of December 27 on the charge of being KYKL activists.

Although L Hemchandra is the father of KYKL’s Imphal West district administrative officer L Tompok, Hemchandra and his two sons have nothing to do with the outfit, said a press release issued by the outfit’s publicity and research publicity secretary H Khamba.

IMPHAL, Sep 26: The proscribed KYKL has rejected the news story filed by Nishit Dolabhai under the heading “NSCN on Myanmar Mission” and published in the Kolkata edition of The Telegraph on September as well as all the subsequent news stories published in the State and elsewhere based on Nishit Dolabhai’s report.

A press release issued by the outfit’s publicity and research secretary A Yaiphaba contended that KYKL has no camp in Myanmar.

Nishit Dolabhai’s report was wrong, the outfit asserted.

IMPHAL, Aug 21: KYKL clarified that Athokpam Ongbi Rita (41) w/o L Ingochambi of Kumbi Terakhong Maning Leikai (at present residing at 2nd MR gate) has no connection with the outfit. In a press statement, publicity and research deputy secretary H Khamba urged the general public to be remain alert that Indian security forces and Manipur police commandos are constantly harassing innocent people by levelling false charge of having connection with UG organisations.

IMPHAL, Apr 8: The proscribed KYKL, in a press release issued by its deputy secretary, publicity and research H Khamba, has denied any connection whatsoever between the outfit and Sgt Thokchom Tenden who was reportedly arrested by Red Shield Division from Tera Urak. Thokchom Tenden’s arrest was reported in media on April 2.