A Late-Night Song

K Radhakumar

Silent night!
Oh, my pregnant night!
This moonlight this shade this scent this music
Oh, my love!

What a night!
Well, it is certainly different.
I smile at the remembrance of
You and I
Dancing all evening
With youthful enthusiasm
In our teens.
Oh, we just got up with the sun.
The lovely music
Your steps
And the language of your clothes
Echo in this empty room
Of the Old Age Home.
You looked perfectly lovely that evening
And I could not get a wink of sleep that night.

Friend of the good old days!
Love is remembrance of things of times past
A sudden pang of lost moments.
In the moonlight
I can make out shapes and outlines
Oh, my life is never empty.
I cannot empty my mind
Of the affairs of the heart.
It is a pity
I will be taking them to the grave
Oh, my love!
Life is an unfinished story.
Still, a lovely story.
Many moons ago
I cried for the moon
And I wept bitter tears of disappointment
When you went along
With a man after your own heart.
I spent many sleepless nights
Lamenting the unfairness of life.

It is calm tonight
And the moon is beaming with happiness.
Over the years
Life has adopted more inclusive ways
And a broader vision;
My love has metamorphosed
Into universal love.

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