Learn lessons from your past mistakes and failures

Haopu Khongsai
Do you ever find yourself lost in an abyss whenever you make mistakes? Have you ever tried to give up or rise above when failures breed doubt? Most people fumble for an answer because of their wrong perception and perspective.
It may be wrong to think and accept that there is a perfect person in this world. Then how do people become successful inspite of their imperfection?
Most successful people have a common trait. They conquer their self-destructive belief and habit, accept and learn from their past mistakes and failures. They discover their strength and virtues and make use of them as a tool to rise during the worst of times. They learn how to make life more enjoyable, how to achieve and sustain happiness, learn resilience and build character. When they make mistakes, they start all over again. They analyse and find out why there is a gap between the life they live and the life they want to live. They use their mistakes and failures to irrigate hope.
Unknowingly sometimes, our minds are preoccupied with wrong notions that to be happy is to have a perfect life. But the reality is different. If you really want to live a happy and joyful life, you need to learn how to control your thoughts, accept your past flaws and learn how to rise again. Use your mistakes to train patience. Identify the trivial activities in your life and remove the mental and emotional blocks that silently drain your happiness and success. Learn how to live a happy and buoyant life even in anonymity. Use your past failures to sculpture your serenity. Learn how to boost your self-esteem and self-belief, take proactive action, remove all the fears, doubts and start living an exceptional life.
Never prefer to remain in your comfort zone if you want to become your own destiny’s author. Forgive yourself and be bold enough to say, ‘Please forgive me’ to your loved ones. Be sensitive enough to say ‘I won’t do it again’. Be mature enough to ask ‘Please give me one more chance”. Never give up on things you like and enjoy. Never give up on people who love you and whom you love. Remember, ‘Without commitment you will never start, without consistency you will never finish”.
(The writer is a counsellor and a researcher)

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