Lessons which books can’t explain

What is the most important thing for you? Is it your car, your wife, your parents, your money or your IPhone 6? Relating to the words of Sadh guru, it is that, you are alive. When you are in the state that you want to suicide, when your dear ones leave you; you think of executing yourself. Just close your eyes, block your nose with your hand for 2 minutes, something inside will tell you, “Hell do with your money, IPhones, property. I have to live.” You realised that everything happening around are just fantasies.
Perfect! You have to live. Then, what are you? Head, skin, heart, whatever you can sense and feel, you term it as you. When you touch your left hand with the right, you say it’s your hand because you can feel it.
Whatever you can’t feel, you say that it’s not you from the perspective of sensational boundaries. If I say that, this chicken is me or this water is me, you will say, “Please, don’t disturb me, go somewhere, hang and die.” What if I cook that chicken and eat, what if I drink that water? It has become me, taking part in the construction of my body. Then I will tell you, “Go hang and die instead of me.” Those water and chicken just came under our sensational boundary, that’s why it has become me. To take an example, if I come and break your house, you heart will be broken as well as my bones. That means, your house is coming inside your sensational boundaries.
Therefore, we can increase our sensational boundaries. If you increase your sensational boundaries to all over your locality, will you do anything bad to your locality? No way. If you do, then it will be like ‘combing your hair with ‘Yompak’ (spade).’ What if you think globe is the boundary? Will I need to tell you what is humanity, love, peace, caring? Everything will fall in place.
Have you seen and heard any religious people talking about ‘heaven’ all the time? You know why they are talking? Because they are making a hell out of themselves. Heaven and hell cannot be differentiated by geographical concept by saying hell is down and heaven is up. It’s nothing but what you make out of it. If you create heaven out of yourself, will you still talk about going to heaven? And again if anyone tells you that your life is predestined, then look at him closely and say, “Masak ashiga.” Let’s take this, if your life is predestined, then will there be right paths and wrong paths? Everything is just going to be the same. Do you need to worry for anything? They say everything is fixed right? Why do you spend your time looking for perfect girl? Nothing of all this happens in real life. Life is not at all predestined. Even God does not have a control of what you want to think.
Sometimes you got carried away with your imaginative enemy called ‘FEAR.’ People ask, “How can they overcome fear?” Are you trying to overcome something which does not even exists? Why you need to waste your energy in making up ‘May be’ stories which does not happen at all. Instead of that you can think of cool things which will make you happy.
You don’t even look when a hungry child cries at the side of a road, because you feel that you are not responsible for that. Do you know that we are becoming less human because of limiting our responsibilities? We think that we are responsible for ourselves only or for our family members. Responsibility is what you are using to draw the boundaries. You can make your boundaries limitless because boundaries are drawn in your mind.
When you recharge your phone, you put limited pack or unlimited pack? Same thing, do you want to be a limited person or an unlimited person? It’s all in your hand. Do you know the difference between you and the people you worship? Jesus, Krishna and so on lived with unlimited responsibilities. Try this, just become a man of unlimited responsibility for a week, people will start worshipping you without totally knowing who you are.
When you come home after your work, you are so happy, comfortable, relaxed and stays at ease. Is it because of your home sweet home? It’s because you have a complete responsibility over your house. When you go to market or somewhere far, do you feel comfortable? No, because you feel that you are not responsible for that place. Don’t you like to have a homely feeling wherever you walk on this planet earth? If so, then spread your boundaries of responsibility, globe will become ‘globe sweet globe.’ As a regular reader Miss Moneeca, a student of RK Sanatombi voice her perspective towards life that “Some say life’s got curve, but it’s just our psychological paintings. Life has no limit, no boundaries. All and sundry got different definitions towards life, for me it’s all about facing the unseen Pandora.” Taking this opportunity, I would like to wish all the CBSE 12th appearing candidates and especially to my brothers of Sainik School Imphal (38th EXPANDEBLES), “Let your pen fulfil the wants of the 3 hours sitting.”
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