Let humanity call the last shot

Kajal Chatterjee
He is senior to me by 6 years in age, by 9  years in terms of appointment in office. But I was sharing the same designation with him when I joined the office. But while I have got a single promotion since then, he has got as many as three! However being senior to me, he was destined to get promoted to various posts much earlier than me. But even those who were his contemporaries during appointment have got a single promotion, but he has got three!
As if that is not enough, even many of his seniors are still stranded at one or maximum two promotions; but he has got three! That means his seniors in terms of appointment as well as age will now report to him!
Does there exist any surprise in it? At least not in India where a ludicrous policy named caste-based reservation is in full force with no end of spread of its tentacles. Not merit vide mark sheet or academic performance, but sheer caste status holds the key for one’s career prospects!  At first quotas have facilitated recruitment in job sector. And thereafter not once or twice, but repeatedly one can get promoted by virtue of caste status! And those who are born in “wrong” caste, will often found themselves deprived from jobs or  coveted posts despite faring better in academic records or  contributing in more constructive way in office works through knowledge and skill ! Certainly nothing can be more unfortunate than this. I am among the first persons to religiously protest against caste atrocities. Also among the first ones to vehemently protest against Brahminical mindset. But two wrongs cannot make a right. Just because earlier the “upper castes” had tortured and discriminated against the people residing “lower” in caste hierarchy, the equation cannot be reversed today to “compensate” the historical wrong! Rather the urgent need should have been to ensure a level playing field where torture against “lower” castes would be severely punished, all would be accorded equal opportunity irrespective of caste and the door of higher education and jobs be reserved for all based solely on merit. But that is not to be thanks to politicians who are shrewdly nurturing this caste politics and reservation policy to seek cheap electoral dividend. What a grave injustice to persons whose only “sin” is  to take birth in “non-reserved” families! In this perspective, it should have been natural that when he would get his third promotion in much much quicker time interval than others(including his seniors and contemporaries), I would feel very disturbed and frustrated. But the fact remains that when he got his third promotion very recently, I felt pure joy and happiness in my heart! Rather I was waiting even after office hours, instead of rushing towards home,  to see the incoming of his promotion order from the office of Public Service Commission!
Is it a contradiction on my part? I don’t know. But how can I ignore my heart which is indeed very pleased for his third promotion! And why would not I get pleased!
Firstly, he is a very very nice kind-hearted individual with lot of compassion in his heart for all specially the juniors and vulnerable. Secondly, he is a well knowledgeable worker with impeccable honesty efficiency sincerity and work ethics. Thirdly, always he vocally protests whenever any wrong or injustice  gets inflicted upon any fellow colleagues. Fourthly, he has not implemented the Reservation policy. Rather it is the Government which has formulated it. So he is absolutely justified in receiving benefits from such provision. Had I been in his position, I also would have utilised this opportunity. And lastly and most importantly, his family background. He lost his father early. Family not well-off economically. Through lot and lot of financial hardship, he completed his education and bagged this job. Through lot of sacrifice of  personal needs, he is bringing up his only son and built a small accommodation through Government loan, repayment of the principal and interest will go on till many more years.
So can I remain frustrated on his successive promotions rendering his contemporaries and seniors to nothing but subordinates? Certainly not. I am of course entitled to my strong opinion on reservation policy and criticise it vehemently. But can I allow humanity to lose the battle when confronted with my personal belief on any issue? No way. Humanity should reign supreme. The person who has lost his father prematurely and worked his way up through lot of honest struggle and gives his utmost in office through 100% dedication and sincerity indeed deserves the third promotion. At least in this case, I feel very very happy to let my belief lose the game when it comes across the ultimate truth of humanity.
Let humanity call the last shot in every step of life.
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