Life is all about answering the last question, “Did you come doing what makes you happy?”

Instead of spending money on making walls to stay away from enemies, use the money for making wall in buying a dinner with your enemy. You will increase your number of friends. The person whom you think is your enemy can be a person who will be behind you forever. The thick wall in-front of you can be the pillar of your huge bridge.
Sometimes you need to hurt others to get what you want because mother earth made things fixed. If you need to see your goal, you need to put the lights on. There will be surely a shadow formed behind your goal. Your need to darken some arena to light up your arena.
You keep saying that you are born free but chained. Don’t just hold your friend and tell him to let go of you. None of the rules in this society can chain you up, even if so, you still got the right key; your brain. When you want to be a singer, who stops you? You may say your father, who keeps telling you to be a doctor. It’s not his words that stops you or chains you; it’s your weak heart that holds his words so tightly and forgets that you are the one holding.
Friends, teachers and parents are the ones who always try to let you walk through the common path. In fact all will show you the path where he have travelled or seen someone travelling that way. They can never show you your path, only your heart will decide where to go. That’s why it’s sometimes funny to see people going for career counselling. If you go in the main road, you will look at people around and start comparing stuffs and you will get road accident. If you go through the fields, you will not get confused where to go, every direction is a discovery for you and you will get self GPS. You know why those accidents happen; this education system molds them in the same shape and again tells them to compete.
Sometimes when you walked through the fields, some from the main road will call you back trying to convince you that you are waking in a wrong direction. Trying to tell you, “There are no shortcuts in life.” Let me tell you, “There are shorter routes to success in life.” They will tell, “You are walking in a wrong direction,” but when you look, you will find out that no one have travelled that way before. Then why are they saying it’s a wrong way? Because they are afraid that you will be UNIQUE.
If you are on top of a mountain, you will see how many shorter roots you could have taken to reach on top. Life is all about answering the last question, “Did you come doing what makes you happy?” Society will keep creating different answers for this. They say life is like an adventurous book, every chapter you will find new character mates and new environment. Then why are you worried for something which is fixed? Because that definition is wrong. Life is an empty dairy, your keep updating every night for creating tomorrow.
If your window got a bar, you will be safe but never get the perfect view. You need to move and smile at every turnings. Life is all about humming when you forget the lyrics.
To live in a society peacefully, if someone says turn left then, you turn back and turn left; you will be going in a unique direction. Never try to prove because no one knows you, you don’t need to show them, you just have to do what makes you happy. If your happiness is dependent on someone, then you are living your life in a business deal.
You just have to support your one soul friend who meets you only in-front of a mirror. You need to realize that you are him. If you know this, you won’t ask anything about him to anyone, you won’t compare him with his friends but you will let him be the one who creates his own turnings.
With the blessings from almighty, I am now able to pile my entire articles in the form of a book, “The Summer Snow.” It’s is now available at Job Centre, Babupara and PC Jain, Thangal Bazaar. Hope the lines mean a bit for the readers.
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