Lotzem advances into next round in Yonex Youth Badminton

Imphal, Jun 16: Andrew Lotzem advances into the next round of the Yonex Youth International Badminton Championship in Novi Sad, Serbia after drubbing Damir Ubavic of Serbia 21–3, 21–3 in the first match and Griories Charalampous of Cyprus 21–7, 21–10 in the second.
Lotzem, is the first international shuttler from Senapati to represent India. Coached by Welson Sani, he has been playing at both state and national levels and has bagged titles in these two levels on multiple occasions. Lotzem is ranked 12th in the under-15 category of the Badminton Association of India. Incidentally, another shuttler from the state, Bidyasagar Salam, occupies the top position in this category.
The Novi Sad Yonex Youth badminton concludes at the Sports Centre Slana Bara, Klisa on June 18 and Lotzem is a strong contender for the title.

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