Mangkang village

IMPHAL, Dec 6: The border village of Haolenphai is not yet recognised by the Government of Manipur and its area which is contested between Manipur and Myanmar belongs to Mangkang village, claimed Mangkang village chief N Laban.
Speaking to media persons at Manipur Press Club here this afternoon, N Laban said that Mangkang village was there at the present location of Haolenphai since time immemorial but the village was deserted during the ethnic conflict of 1991-92.
Later Mangkang village was established near Chandel district headquarters where it still exists as a village of Moyon tribe, Laban said. Mangkang village was recognised by the Manipur State Durbar way back in 1928 before the Government of Manipur granted recognition to the same village.
Mangkang village was listed in serial number 59 in the official gazette published by the State Government on February 5, 1962, he said.
After the original settlers deserted Mangkang during the ethnic conflict of 1991-92, another group of people came and settled there, and they renamed the village as Haolenphai.“But we have not yet sold off Mangkang village nor transferred its land ownership right to any body”, he asserted.
In line with the Government of India’s Act East Policy, the State Government has been planning to develop township and open a police station at Mangkang (now Haolenphai).
“We have no objection to the Government’s initiative but it would be prudent if the township is named Mangkang township and the police station as Mangkang police station”, said the Mangkang village chief.
However, if the Government overlooks this suggestion, there will be different forms of agitation, he warned.

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