Many condemn attack on Minister’s house

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Feb 13: Many people of Thongju AC have condemned the attack on the residence of Works and IPR Minister Th Biswajit last night.
A large number of Biswajit’s supporters held a meeting at the residential gate of the Minister at Ningomthong this evening and vehemently condemned last evening’s attack.
One Thoidingjam Manihar said that the attack at Biswajit’s residence smacked of a political conspiracy.
The MANPAC which spearheaded the people’s massive protest against CAB 2016 did not say at any point of time that stones should be pelted and sling shots should be fired at the residences of MLAs/Ministers, he said.
So far, Th Biswajit has not commented anything on CAB 2016 and as a Minister, he might have limitations to comment on the contentious Bill, Manihar said.
Even if there are grievances, the same can be discussed democratically and one may even demand the Minister to step down, he said.
He then appealed to all people to avoid such violent attacks in future.

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