Maring civil organisations warn total bandh along Imphal-Moreh

Maring civil organisations warn total bandh along Imphal-Moreh
Our Correspondent
TENGNOUPAL, Nov 23 : The civil organisations of Maring community has urged the authority concerned to commence the construction work of the roads under 42 Tengnoupal AC, which began after the sanctioning of the fund under PMGSY and Special Plan Assistance (SPA) and has been kept unfinished and neglected till date.
Speaking at a press conference held today at Tuisimi village under Tengnoupal AC, Maring Uparup Assembly president L Modun Charanga warned seven days total bandh along Imphal-Moreh road (NH 102) from December 1, if the pathetic roads under the AC are not constructed and revamped and demanded the work to begin from November 30 onwards.
He said that the road from Tuisimi to Samanphai, which is 14 kms long, has been abandoned for more than two years without any black topping and only after finishing the Water Bound Macadam (WBM) process. The work order of was sanctioned in 2014, under the 9th phase of PMGSY.
About one and a half portion of the road, from Khudengthabi to Rilram centre, has left been untouched while some portions were only completed till the WBM stage, he added.
Only two kms of the road from Machi gate to Kangoi Khullen (which is around 10 kms long) has been applied the first layer of WBM and has been abandoned till date, he asserted. L Modun further added that the construction of the road from Khunbi to Tuinem (8-9 kms), which was taken up by Public Works Department under SPA has also been left untouched after beginning construction on a few section of the road.
Although the work order has been issued for the work at Kangoi to Tuinem road, the road remains deplorable, he added.
These roads under Tengnoupal district remain neglected and abandoned after the sanctioning of the work order or fund and the public are facing grave hardships while commuting.
Considering the grievances of the people, the Maring Uparup Assembly, Maring Nupuya Yinglam and Maring Students’ union sat down with the Chief Engineer of PWD and the contractors concerned, before the Ningol Chakkouba festival, in which the hardships of the people were addressed.
They were given assurance that the construction works will be continued right after the festival, however, there has been no positive works till date, Modun resented.
The road has remained deplorable since the time of the Congress Government, however, the Maring community is hopeful that the new BJP Government will hear the grievances and hardships of the people and take up all the necessary measures to provide a smooth and passable road in the larger interest of the people.
He further warned that the civil organisations would be compelled to launch stringent agitation if the State Government and the authority concerned continue to turn a blind eye to the people’s demand.
On the other hand, it further sought the attention of the State Government to finish the construction of Tribal Womens’ Hospital, which was taken up under Tribal Affairs, Kanemram.
The press conference was attended by leaders and members of Maring Uparup Assembly, Maring Nupuya Yinglam and Maring Students’ Union.
Later, the unfinished roads were inspected by the organisations along with the media persons.

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