Martial Arts Natl training camp from Dec 11

North East India Martial Arts Federation and Martial Arts Council of Manipur are set to organise a National training camp cum trial selection from December 11 to 20 at Khuman Lampak under the supervision of Global International Martial Arts Federation.
The camp cum trial will be organised as a preparation for the 4th International Thai Martial Arts Games 2019 to be held in Bangkok and with a special view to set up Global International Martial Arts Federation National University.
The camp is expected to participated by 70 athletes from the various disciplines including Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Kick Boxing K1, Karate, Combat Jiu Jitsu and Kungfu; 15 technical officials and 10 instructors from various States of the country.
The training will also be conducted at different venues at Loktak Lake, Sadu Chiru Water Fall, hill districts and Myanmar apart from Khuman Lampak, said a press release of North East India Martial Arts Federation.

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